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moey_dw wrote:
Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:57 pm
mitzescu wrote:
Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:01 pm
Hi forum,
Has anyone come up on a RSI Daily highs and lows trendline?
sorry for offtopic but can i say you have a pretty chart..........nice for the eyes & good colors :clap:
Thank you! :mrgreen: Now i'm trying to make it effective :)
I used black background before. Now i'm using mrdfx, ebeckers SR reverse strategy. And they used this templates so i kept it. I added some macd, rsi, stoch and some complementary SR zones

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

I've been using ebeckers Support resistance indi and it's great. But up there where the red resistance line is dosen't show any resistance so i would not recieve any alert. Seems that ebeckers SR indi has an option to increase the details of SR, as in it shows more SR lines. If set to maximum a resistance appeared up there, but the chart becomes full of SR lines and gets messy. That is why i've been searching for that Daily high low RSI trendline, to give alert when a RSI trendline is broken.
The RSI that i have draws some trendlines, but dosen't have alert and i don;t know how it draws those lines.
I like having 1-2 chart open and a multi pair indicator that scand multiple pairs. That is the thing i'm looking for.

ebeckers Support resistance EA gives scans for SR lines being hit and for a price return. I then see if is a divergence there and enter trade with minimal stoploss. Like this USDCAD sell with RSI and MACD div.

It's work in progress :)
Screenshot (1146).png

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

it's a multi oscilator found somewhere on the internet.

29 is RSI.

i don't know the rest of the oscilators. I think 18 is Stochastic.
I zipped the set file. Cannot upload .set files here

Changing backstep, indi calculates lines from back points. qsteps how many trendlines to have. If you put qsteps = 2 you will have 4 trendlines and so on.

LevDPI is to have fewer points to connect to have longer trendlines. The higher the value, the longer distance between 2 points, i think. Not sure.
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