Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Hello !!

This is an idea that could have some use.

I was testing this indicator that I find very interesting, but it gives a different result for each timeframe. I think that has its use, to know the action that bears and bulls have had in each one of them.

Could this indicator be modified that, in addition to the result of each time frame separately, also shows the total average of the bulls and bears of all the time frames in real time, approximately as it appears in the attached image?

The average of the bears of all the time frames would be obtained by adding the bears of each of them and dividing the result by 9.

The average of the bulls of all the time frames would be obtained by adding the bulls of each of them and dividing the result by 9.

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Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Greetings Mladen and Mr Tools,

Would it be possible to create an indicator that takes a screenshot whenever an alert is generated with the following user definable parameters
- the size of the screen shot (X and Y dimensions)
- the file extension (*.gif or *.png)
- the sub folder to store the screenshot in
- Optional (true / false) naming conventions for the screenshot to include
- the date and time of the alert
- the currency pair the alert appeared on
- the time frame of the chart
- the verbage of the alert as the last part of the name of the file.
- the name of the indicator that generated the alert (if that is possible).

I look forward to your response.
Thank you

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Thu May 17, 2018 1:32 am
The alerts on this indicator are not based on when the two ma's cross each other or cross level zero.
Could the alert be adapted to incorporate this facility?
It was specific to renko/range charts but appears to work well on timeframe charts too.
Added a zero cross color change, the alerts should work corresponding to whatever color change type you choose.
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Re: Indicator requests and ideas

shaileshm wrote:
Wed May 16, 2018 3:11 am
Hello mrtools and mladen,

is it possible to add additional price types to this indicator? Like you have with all other averages indicators? Right now it has only 4 type of prices to choose from.

Thanks and regards
Added the prices and added the standard FS alerts and made the arrows a buffer now, so it should be a little less on the computer resources.
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