Re: Dynamic zone indicators ...

Dear mrtools,

As I remember dynamic zones absolutestrength of averages diff 2 indicator is the One of the Best you made it, more than 3 years ago. This indicator useful once and tool for Trade.

I didn't get the problem when Compiled. Not found Warning even the Errors.
But the Dynamic Levels do not appear on the screen. This indicator is still Working fine, just the Signal Line working Slowly.

Please, I need your help to modernize in order to Work the Last MT4 Build 1090 :

1. Make it to Dynamic Zone with 5 Dynamic Levels ( the Original is 3 Dynamic Levels )
2. Add in the 'useRSI' setting (maybe need to change with Other Name) : RSI, RSX and RSX Double.
3. Add the 'Price use to' options.
4. Add in the 'MaMethod' setting : JMA (Jurik MA)
5. Add MA Line & Color Bars with 2 Colors in (the New Setting 'Display as') ; the Choice an alternative to other Polychromatic.

Thank's in Advance ... :angel:

Attach JRSX Turbo +SignalMA TT [2x7] indie as an Inspiration include the 'RSX Double'
Always looking the GREAT, never left GOOD Point...
dynamic zones absolutestrength of averages diff 2.jpg
dynamic zones absolutestrength of averages diff 2.mq4
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JRSX Turbo +SignalMA TT [2x7].mq4
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