Re: The PSA strategy (changed from FFX)

shaileshm wrote:
Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:39 am
I still dont quite understand the exact entry rules. Dot you see the currency strenght, open the chart and simply enter for next few candles or something else?
Enter on bullish candle..if you want use Barry's s/r or another support & resistance to see level break then trade.

I just trade on bullish candle - make sure ffx Price/ffx adx/ffx CCI show same direction

Re: The PSA strategy (changed from FFX)

Extreme trading - experimental

Trade the best pair every minute.

Choose the pair from the top off the list.
Make sure its strong or weak on all 3 ffx meters.
Matches all conditions on indicators on sub windows then take trade immediately on same candle.

Requires you to be really fast in assessing all conditions. If candle closes before you assess every condition do not trade - just pick another pair and redo.

Strength pair analyzer refreshes every minute and picks best pair so you supposedly could have trades every minute depending on conditions met.

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