Commitments Of Traders: EUR Net Long Highest Since 2011

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission released its weekly Commitment of Traders report on Friday, reflecting positioning for the week to Tuesday, June 6th. There were not any drastic shifts in positioning, however, bearish loonie bets remain at extreme levels while the euro net long remains at multi-year highs.

Non-commercials were reported to hold the euro net long by 74,009 contracts, up from 72,869 in the prior week. The weekly net build was small as compared to the more aggressive positioning shifts seen in May and while the small net build suggests that bulls remain confident, a notable covering of long positions suggests otherwise.

Long contracts were slashed from 176,226 to 164,889 which was offset by a short covering as short contracts declined to 90,880 contracts from 103,357 in the prior week.

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IMM Report: Investors Building A Cross Trade: Long EUR/CAD

Latest IMM report (covering up to Tuesday June 6 & were released Friday June 9) showed that the peak bearish bet against the CAD occurred two weeks ago (USD7.2bn or around 99k contracts), eased slightly last week and dropped a little more this week to just over USD7bn.

"We mused previously that the bearish sentiment on the CAD might reflect a cross trade—a trade that is not executed against the USD—and noted that aggregated positioning suggested that IMM players might be building a long EUR/short CAD position"

Overall, the data suggests a further, if slight, mitigation in the market’s generally bullish disposition on the USD, with the aggregate USD bull bet easing to the lowest level in a year (USD5.8bn).

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CFTC commitment of traders: EUR longs at highest level since 2007.

  • EUR long 79K vs 74K long last week. Longs increased 5K. Largest long position since 2007
  • GBP short 39K vs 37K short last week. Shorts increased by 2K
  • JPY short 51K vs 55K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 4K.
  • CHF short 14K vs 17K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 3K
  • CAD short 88K vs 94K short. Shorts trimmed by 6K.
  • AUD short 1 vs square. Shorts increased by 1K
  • NZD long 1K vs 2K short last week. Change of +3K turns the position to long from short.

Commitments Of Traders Report: Loonie Net Short Remains At Extreme Despite Hawkish Shift In BoC Stance

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission released its weekly COT report on Friday, reflecting positioning shifts for the week to Tuesday, June 13th.

Despite a tumble in the Canadian dollar, there was a relatively small scaling back of positioning among non-commercials. The net short position declined from 94,501 contracts to 88,595. While the data does indicate that a liquidation took place with short contracts declining from 120,993 to 115,376 along with a small 288 contract build on the long side to 26,781, the position size remains above the prior record which was set four years ago.

The loonie was held at a record net short of 99,109 contracts in the week to May 23rd. Ahead of the aggressive net short build in May, the prior record was a net short of 75,913 contracts in April 2013.

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Re: CFTC commitment of traders report

EUR long 45K vs 79K long last week
GBP short 38K vs 39K short last week
JPY short 50K vs 51K short last week
CHF short 3K vs 14K short last week
CAD short 82K vs 88K short
AUD long 15k vs short 1K last week
NZD long 21K vs 1K short last week

Commitment Of Traders Report: Euro Bears Pile Back In, Kiwi Net Long At 4-Year High

The euro net long was drastically cut in the week to June 20th as the COT report showed an aggressive build in the gross short position. Speculators also showed increasing bullish sentiment towards antipodean currencies which recently shifted to a net long.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission reported a weekly build in euro short contracts from 85,174 to 122,393 which reflects the largest gross short size since the middle of May. Combined with a small build in long contracts from 164,227 to 167,245 the net long euro position saw a significant drop to 44,852 contracts from last week’s 79,053.

The most relevant risk event during this time was the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting which revealed that the central bank is on course to continue raising rates despite a decline in inflation in recent readings. In the past, the euro has been the preferred currency to short against the greenback during periods of dollar strength and as such, the positioning shift could be hinting of a broader turn in trend for the dollar.

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IMM Report: Investors Dump EUR, Boost NZD, AUD Longs, Lift USD Longs

Net EUR long positioning fell sharply, reflecting the lion’s share of the overall position adjustment for the major currencies.

Activity was driven primarily by an increase in gross short EUR positions versus relatively flat gross longs, driving the net EUR length own by USD4.8bn in the week to total USD6.2bn

In addition, spec investors boosted net longs in the AUD and NZD aggressively by USD1.2bn and USD1.4bn respectively.

Overall, spec investors increased net USD longs positions on aggregate for the first time in a month.

CFTC Commitments of Traders: CAD shorts chased out

  • EUR long 59K vs 45K long last week
  • GBP short 39K vs 38K short last week
  • JPY short 61K vs 50K short last week
  • CHF short 5K vs 3K short last week
  • CAD short 49K vs 82K short
  • AUD long 20k vs long 15k last week
  • NZD long 25K vs 21K long last week

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