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Re: CAN WE ACTUALLY Making Money in Forex????????

In my opnion its true that we can make consistent and decent amount of money from forex I keep in mind few things
1. trade with at least 10,000$ if you want to make decent bucks per month
2. make risk management your sacred mantra 1:2 is minimum otherwise forget about forex trading
3. dont run for making 50-90 pips per day trade if a trade comes that good its ok but dont run behind pips
4. Know your trading system weather it be identifying money spots on your own in a naked chart or some decent trading system( dont buy any make your own its imp) . the more you know the more you grow. for that you have to work hard real hard but the returns are going to be amazing my friend ..

Re: CAN WE ACTUALLY Making Money in Forex????????

naluvs01 wrote:
Fri Sep 10, 2021 1:57 am
Hi Everyone,

I can now answer my question due to me maturing and understanding the Market a little better now. As promised, I would reveal a methodology that has helped me trade more consistently than ever before. In short, the ONLY way to confirm your entry (IMO) is via strength and weakness utilizing currency baskets. For a detailed explanation, please look at my post regarding Bitcoin going down...

If anyone incorporates this strategy, then ALL of your strategies WORK! I've spent 100s of hours with indicators, patterns, news, watching FX youtube vids, trying to determine where price will go. In my opinion, it's all crap! There are instances where the news is great and you still lose! The news is bad and you still lose! There is no still lose!
The one thing I have found to be consistent ALWAYS is currency baskets' strength and weakness. I hope this helps anyone who was struggling like me and Happy Trading to all!

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Your post is amazing. This feels like some kind of miracle, because searching for a currency strength metre to exploit what you just described actually brought me to this thread. I have a pretty solid algo now with great indicators from this superb community but knowing exactly what to trade has been my major concern. I still have a bit of a challenge understanding how you setup your baskets for this. Is there a way to reach you personally and possibly work together?.
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