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Re: CAN WE ACTUALLY Making Money in Forex????????

shaileshm wrote:
Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:21 am
naluvs01 wrote:
Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:55 am
When I finally come up with a consistent strategy, I will share with others here. It is a real struggle to come up with a consistent strategy (IMO) because the banks can see where we hold our orders and flip price the other way at will. That's why I created this topic because I want to know if anybody here is ACTUALLY making money (consistently) for a living in forex.
Banks cannot keep flipping the prices ad infinity. At some point they need to make their own move too. And thats the point one should look to jump in with them.
You are absolutely Right. That's why I was asking for any advice from experienced trades here to help the rest of us. So far, I'm looking at 2 Adaptive MA's and 2 MTF OBV indies provided by Mladen and MrTools. I've added engulfing candle patterns to the mix and it is very, very powerful!!!! And for anyone one reading this in the future, engulfing candles is the most powerful strategy (IMO) one can learn. The secret sauce is that it DOESN"T have to be ONE candle. The pattern can be two or more candles. If you understand this, your trading will go to a WHOLE new level!!!!

The example I've attached (EurGbp, H4 chart, 11/11-29/19) consist of an EMA 12 and 55. Just understanding this simple pattern can help anyone who is struggling. To confirm the pattern, check the Close of the previous candle and Open of current. If they are the same (or off by a pipet, it's ok), it is a valid engulfing pattern. However, both (or more) candles of the pattern MUST engulf the previous candle. And if you add more confluences like volume to the mix, it's over!!! By the way, it's works on any time frame (although I recommend the 15M - Daily charts).

I'm very thankful for the for MrTools, Mladen, Coders and everyone here. My desire is to win and I think the collective efforts of individuals here with the same aspirations can help us reach our goals. I hope this info helps someone.
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