Re: Partizan System Files Set

moey_dw wrote:
Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:31 pm
Friends & habibs this is all the Partizan files Mr. Amdudus has been sending to those on mailing list. I post it here now because he is not here anymore so it is only fair that it is widely shared in case past members of his mailing list still need the materials.....................

I have no idea what they are or what the systems do I just got this these downloads.

Merry Christmas (sorry for my English)

Original thread for Partizan Systems here: viewtopic.php?f=579491&t=8472833
Original thread for Trade Express Systems here: viewtopic.php?f=579491&t=8472973


Hello all

Is this system still making profits? any MYFXBook results we can see?

Thank you

Re: Partizan System Files Set

Can anyone help me out Im trying to find where the Templates and indicators are for the Trade Express systems? Ive already downloaded all the Partizan ones but want the latest version of Trade Express.

Re: Partizan System Files Set

Revised the archives, well, just trash inetovski for $ 10, which is free to be on different forums, including on TradeLikeaPro, buy yourself rubbish and drip in it))))))))))))

Here is from all the garbage, and from the TS of this set of indicators that you can still try, do not waste time on the assembly data from the first page ...
(1.33 MiB) Downloaded 213 times
Volente Deo

Re: Partizan System Files Set

vvFish wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:24 pm
I express my opinion so.
Of all the "trash" which sold, there are two or three indicators that will help in the trade.
The rest can be folded neatly into one archive and thrown onto ....... you know this place yourself.
And do not forget to "thank" the one who sold it to you.
Very curious about your remark sir, care to enlighten which archive shows the indicators you've mentioned? I will test in MT4

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