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Re: Jurik Smoothed Indicators for MT4

kvak wrote:
Thu Aug 12, 2021 8:47 am
Here we go my friend. As your request :)
Fixed the bug in MTF. Now button holds the position x,y.
And it is possible to put it in subwindows .

Teacher kvak's masterpieces Vidya channel candles BT 1.2, MA+channel+candles BT2, Fractal channel+candles +MA2 BT all consider the influence of High\Low. I wonder if Jurik channel candles BT can consider the influence of High\Low? :thumbup:
Jurik channel candles BT.ex4
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Re: Jurik Smoothed Indicators for MT4

Banzai wrote:
Sat Oct 23, 2021 3:55 am
In this version 1.01,
you can click on the symbol buttons such as "GBPJPY", "USDJPY", ... and then it will go directly to that chart.
Also, you can click on time frame buttons such as "M5", "H1", and then it will go directly to that time frame.

Looking forward to mrtools, kvak, Banzai teacher adding jurik or JMA smoothed to WPR Heatmap BT 1.01.mq4. Infinite merit! :thumbup:
WPR Heatmap BT 1.01.mq4
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WPR jurik candles BT.ex4
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Re: Jurik Smoothed Indicators for MT4

Dear Mr Tools,
I trust you are keeping well.
I came across your “CCI of JMA” indicator which I found very useful. I decided to upgrade it with arrows and alerts & it worked out just fine. However, given the nature of CCI I found that there could be an abundance of arrows (and alerts) depending upon settings, timeframes etc.

I considered ways to filter the signals but saw that the zero cross would actually work better on many occasions than the coded slope change. Therefore, would it be possible to upgrade this further please, with a colour change on zero cross option as well as on slope change, with alerts, etc?

I have trawled through a few of the zero cross alert upgrades on this thread but those I’ve seen are beyond my coding ability. I know kvak has issued a very good candle version but I find I cannot replicate my results with that.

Many thanks,

cci of jma (arrows + alerts).mq4
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Re: Jurik Smoothed Indicators for MT4

josi wrote:
Sun Feb 13, 2022 8:43 pm
It isn't really any of my business but did you ever think about using the smoothing function?
Hi Josi,

Thanks for your feedback.

In short, absolutely.

With this indicator the smoothing period and phase relate to the Jurik ma so I try with many phase settings between -100 & +100 and not just midpoint and extremes. Same goes for the JMA period, and for that matter the CCI, anything from 5 or so through to 720. However, at some point you settle on some parameters which suit your trading style. I just find that the CCI can be overly sensitive at times in respect of slope direction.


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