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ChartNeed help for Big trend catch indicator

I make a EA that enter the order in trend direction.

But in some situation,cannot over wrong direction

the picture 1 ,red line show the wrong direction at near small uptrend ending.It cannot filter this moment.

Actually this is Major downtrend wave.

And also the next Picture 2 ,red line show wrong entry in range movement.
The help I need is to catch the big trend wave .

What custom indicator can show this Major trend and range market without lagging.

I also check supertrend_nrp_new_mtf_2 indicator and trender color mtf indicators.

In trender color mtf indicator.Yellow color show side trend .

But it cannot show correctly.

And also super trend incdicator lag in side trend.

Here I request for help because you are more experience in market,

I hope I will get help.

Re: Need help for Big trend catch indicator

I think that these two indicators in the sub-windows are unnecessary. And that the SuperTrend indicator is very close to the price, you should leave it a little further to avoid false breakouts. In any case, there is no indicator that captures an entire trend perfectly.

SuperTrend 2.png
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