Market Sessions and Market Panel Clock Indicators

This thread will deal market sessions,market panel clock,market hours,market zones and alike indicators and utilities
First posting here an indicator that shows traders pc time,GMT,brokers time and Asian,London,US markets times with dst true/false along with color and corner select able
H - aligator - Clock
H - aligator - Clock.mq4
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Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

Re: Market Sessions and Market Panel Clock Indicators

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just arrange from this Topics From #1 To #300 : Something interesting please post here
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if any duplicate with here, plz dont mind

3-Candle-Chart #235
made of 3 candles per trading day: - London Open to New York Open , - New York Open to London Close (Power hours), - London Close to New York Close
Works only on 1 hour timeframe
Timeoffset variable is the offset (in hours) between GMT and your MT4 Broker's time
SBnumber variable is a funny number used to offset the whole group of candlesticks. It gives sometime surprising results.
Displays better on a line chart

cc Timex (organ posted no pic)
#214 bilbao cc Timex.mq4

#15 posted by bilbao
// Copy this file to: C:/Program Files/--your-MT4-directory-here---/experts/indicators/
// Review the "extern" variable settings below. Change as desired, then restart MT4 or do "Compile" in MetaEditor.
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