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Re: Fibonacci, Trendlines, Support Resistance & Pivot Point Indicators MT4

Hi Mr.Tools, Mladen and respective Coders,

I was wondering is there a custom Fibonacci (or similar) indicator where I can set my own fib levels and have push notifications once price closes or touches those levels. For example, on the standard MT4 fib indi, I have only 3 fib levels. Once I draw my levels on the chart, I would like notifications once price reaches either level. What I'm doing now is drawing my fib levels, which gives me the price and set alerts via MT4 alerts tab. It would be much easier to draw the fib levels and have the notifications already in place. Or if something like this exist, I'd appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!!!!!!
Fib Example.jpg

Re: Fibonacci, Trendlines, Support Resistance & Pivot Point Indicators MT4

I hope everything is going to be okay for you.
Prorealtime Light Blue Fade.tpl
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Change TimeFrame TT [AutoRefresh].ex4
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Change TimeFrame TT [AutoRefresh].mq4
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GRAALUn Ar.ex4
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GRAALUn Ar.mq4
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