Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

Crossfire81 wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 4:05 pm
Found a bug with this version.
Super Smoother by J.Ehlers doesn't seem to work.
This has me a bit concerned.
Thank you for telling me.

Maybe I broke it when I alphabetized it? Maybe it was broken before? Not sure.

At least now we know. Thanks.

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share a new and very comprehensive MA type indicator that has on chart buttons for full customization of its 40 MA type's, smoothing method's, applied price etc.... It's made by "CQindicators" the same coder who added the "Normalized Volume" function to the Waddah Attar's Explosion indicator that I posted awhile back. This indicator can be especially useful to the NNFX enthusiast's who are searching for a good baseline indicator. Overall, anyone may find this useful. Here's a full break down of what this customizable Moving Average indicator can do, hope you enjoy.
Baseline indicator.png

Parameter Button Adjustment's:
MA Type: choose from over 40 moving averages.
Period : change the period of the moving average here.
Applied Price: Open Close High Low Median Typical & Weighted.
MA Parameters: change the moving averages parameters here, if they have any.
MA Parameters Line: this line displays the current moving averages settings, such as MA Type, Period, Applied Price and any other parameters.
Status Line : This shows the current values for the current candle either under the mouse position or at the very right hand side (this is switchable).
Hi-Lo %Filter Shift & Show Dots Line: This line shows the curernt Hi-Lo mode settings as well as any percent filter applied to the moving average, and if the moving average is being shifted to the right.
Hi-Lo Parameters : This shows if the Hi-Lo mode is active and its settings
Percent Filter : these buttons control the amount, if any, of the percent filter is applied.
Shift : this is where you can shift the moving average on the chart.
MA Parameters Switches: These switches are used in some of the moving averages, they turn on/off things as well as change their settings.
Show Dots Select: This switch changes how the dots are displayed: OFF, BASELINE, or on SLOPE CHANGE.
Smooth Price: This button turns on the smooth price setting, which is a 2 period LWMA. This is used in place of the current candle close to determine baseline status.
Chart Hold Button : The hold button allows you to hold the chart at a particular location, even if you zoom in/out or change currencies.

baseline button descriptions.png
parameter settings.png
cQ-Baseline v02.ex4
(979.46 KiB) Downloaded 111 times

LoveRe: Moving Average indicators for MT4

anyone has been profitable with mladens super smoomthed 34 ema indicator please woudl relly like to know some reviews of this indicator as whats the bes time frame this works on and does it work on any pair etc, Those wh o relaly are profitabl ewith this indicator as it works bes ton the 1h and 4h and and 15m please kindly give some of your experience with this indicator please

DownloadRe: Moving Average indicators for MT4

I was hoping if some of the coding experts could update "Fast EMA" (Zero Retard EMA) with the newest prices and MA methods. And if possible remove the "limited bars" function in the code. I've mainly used and tested it as a zero cross indicator and for continuation trades (signal line cross under/above the zero line).

Please move this post to the correct thread if needed.

Thanks! :)
Fast EMA.mq4
Zero Retard EMA
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