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DownloadMoving Average Breakout EA for MT5

M.A break mt5 sell.ex5
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M.A break mt5 buy.ex5
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Input explanation , i'll explain as a buy trade and sells would be inverse.

inp1 20 ema greater than 30ema

inp2 30 ema greater than 50ema

inp3 open of breakout bar is above 30ema

input4 breakout settings

quite bar count is the number of bar back the breakout is higher than

quite bar range is in pips minimum range of the quite bars.

inpulse strength . set at 1.1 meaning the breakout is atleast 10% above the highs of the breakout quite bar range

set step value for optimization at 0.1 and start at 1 to about 5

input 5 wick length in % value of the whole bar

optimize from 0-100

inp5 minimum and maximum size in pips of the breakout bar.

inp6 the low of the breakout bar must equal or be lower than the 20 ema.

and volume lots stop loss target in pips.

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