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Jimmy wrote:
Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:13 pm
Mrforex wrote:
Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:59 pm
my bosses in the house can this mt5 indicator be given alert
Brother please don't spam other threads with the same request as duplicate posts will be removed. Unfortunately, all free requests for coding help and indicator upgrades are done when time permits and it's quite busy here at the moment. That saying, if you need urgent coding you can request for paid work by sending a PM to Mrtools for a quote and he'll look after you.
thankx, its not an urgent coding and i never intend spamming, i felt i posted in a wrong thread before thats why i repost in another thread

Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

Hello everyone, could anyone make a version of this ATR NRTR STOP indicator for MetaTrader 5 with MTF and alerts?

And also an ATR NRTR STOP bars and histo (tape) version.

  • ATR NRTR STOP Bars / Candles.mq5
  • ATR NRTR STOP Histo.mq5
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