Information about some system indicators
AlievTM VoLi

Volli indicator is a unique indicator in its kind that perfectly shows the speed, accumulation, increase and decrease of volumes.
The indicator also uses OBV (On Balance Volume), which is implemented by overlaying it on the volume chart itself.
Are built support and resistance zones using the unique DVZ (Dynamic Volume Zone) method.
Indicates overbought and oversold. Shows support and resistance levels based on volumes. Displays the OBV in percent (%) of the ratio of the volumes.
Do not redraw your indicators and data when trading
Strategy trading PriceAction, VSA
In the indicator, you can configure any parameters, from the type and ending with the sound
OBV (On Balance Volume)
The indicator shows the volume dynamics depending on the price changes. When the closing price of a candle is higher than the previous closing, then the whole volume is associated with an upward movement. If the closing is lower than the previous time interval, then the volume for the period is associated with the fall. For the first time the indicator was presented in 1963 in the book "New Key to Stock Market Profits", author Joseph Granville.
On Balance Volume is a cumulative indicator: when the period is closed above the previous one, its volume is added to the total value of the indicator; when the candle is closed below the closing price of the previous one, the volume is subtracted from the total value. OBV increases when the volume of periods of growth exceeds the volume of periods of falling prices
Conversely, On Balance Volume falls when the volume of fall periods exceeds the volume of periods of price growth. It is believed that the dynamics of the OBV indicator often outstrips the price changes. The growth of the indicator when consolidating or falling prices indicates the existence of prerequisites for upward movement. Decrease of the indicator On Balance Volume at consolidation and growth of the price specifies on preconditions to falling. Sometimes as signals to enter the trade use a breakdown of levels on the chart On Balance Volume - the breakdown of extremes of the OBV indicator often precedes a similar situation on the price chart. Since the OBV indicator is cumulative, its absolute value depends on the origin point. Therefore, for a correct interpretation, it is necessary to pay attention to the dynamics of On Balance Volume, and not to absolute values. OBV can be used to confirm the trend: the direction of movement of price extremes should correspond to the direction of extremes of the indicator.
In addition to identifying the priority direction, On Balance Volume is used to confirm the breakdown of levels on the trend: overcoming local resistance levels with a price increase must be accompanied by breakdown of the corresponding highs in the indicator chart. Similarly, for the downward movement: the breakdown of the nearest support levels on the price chart must be confirmed by the corresponding dynamics of the indicator.
The system uses an indicator with increased amplitude.


Information about some system indicators
Volume indicator HighVolumeBar VertikalHistogram
Cluster volume indicators are very important, as they help to reveal the activity of so-called" professional money ", having a direct impact on the state of the currency exchange as a whole.
In other words, the cluster volume indicators for MT4 and 5 take into account the current imbalance in supply and demand and help determine what kind of mood is present at the moment so that the trader can follow major professional players.
Cluster analysis at the moment, is quite new for most traders by the kind of market analysis. By and large, cluster analysis is the study of cluster graphs, which are the transformation of orders of stock ribbons in a convenient for perception and reading view. The essence of this type of analysis lies in the fact that its use will allow market participants to observe the activity of their colleagues literally from inside the price bars.
Everything will depend on what principle these bars are built on, although in some cases, this is not the point. The consolidation of transactions by means of certain mathematical operations, according to specified criteria (volume, time intervals, etc.) at the output is provided in the form of a distributed volume of the price (cluster).
The price chart presented in this form is called a cluster schedule. As is known, the struggle of bears and bulls' interests moves the price of the asset. This aspect needs to be understood and used to realize that the market mood will be reflected more quickly not on the prices of assets, but on the actual volume of transactions.
And when a given volume shows dynamics, a new movement occurs. It turns out that this indicator is primary, and the cluster analysis gives the clearest idea of what mood in the market dominates at the moment.
Applying cluster analysis in the terminal Metatrader, it is possible to determine much earlier, at what time and how fast the market will move. We can say that the cluster analysis is an intra-bar study of the number of transactions concluded at each of the levels inside the candle. In the Forex market, it is somewhat more difficult to conduct a cluster analysis, and this is explained quite simply: here, for a trader, the volume of concluded deals is available only for a particular broker, and in a broader spectrum, market sentiments are not available.
Cluster analysis is the most detailed and accurate type of analysis, because it is based on each of the transactions performed on the market. One of the best algorithms for searching volumes is the indicator, which is called "HighVolumeBar VertikalHistogram".
This indicator is interesting in that it displays a single value on any time frames not exceeding H4. This is due to one moment: as a source data, a minute time frame is used.
This indicator is interesting in that it displays a single value on any time frames not exceeding H4. This is due to one moment: as a source data, a minute time frame is used.
Visually, these states on the chart differ in color and are calculated by the number of bars specified in the settings. The main advantage of the indicator under consideration is the mapping of power levels by the current day, and not by past periods, as in most similar algorithms.
This indicator is used in trade in order to determine the likely direction of price movement. According to the indications of this indicator, you can open transactions using a direction opposite to the already identified level. In other words, it is necessary to buy from the level of support, and sell, on the contrary, from the resistance level.
When using "HighVolumeBar VertikalHistogram", a mandatory condition for entering the position is the end of the day during which these levels were built.
That is, to enter the position before the day closes is not recommended.


mtp wrote:
Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:41 pm
Dear Amdudus
While packing the templates kindly make sure about missing indicators errors,rest you know well.
Thank you so much and keep helping newbies like you do ever
Dear, mtp!
Sorry, I missed your messages on the internal mail. You correctly noticed. I gave indicators in the file much more indicators than necessary. In this dispatch, the "Indicators" file will contain ONLY the indicators for the template.

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