ChartCharts symbol changer and synchronizer

The utility is designed to change the symbol of the current, all or selected charts, change the timeframe, as well as to synchronously move through the history of all charts (automatically or by clicking the button). The list of symbols is read from the "Market Watch" or is set manually. The color, size and position of the buttons are customizable. Synchronization of charts occurs according to the time of the first visible bar when you press the "SYNC" button or when moving the mouse/keyboard in automatic mode.

Duplication and synchronization mode allows copying objects to all charts of the current instrument at once.
The global crosshair allows you to look at the price action of the specified bar on the selected charts.
The Multi-symbol mode allows graphic objects to be displayed only on the instrument for which they were created.
Highlighting profit/loss of open positions for trading instruments on the corresponding button
The buttons for 8 major currencies open the charts containing the currency from the list of currency pairs. The template for new charts is specified in the "Template name for new charts" parameter. When you change the symbol, the templates of the current charts are saved (charts opened by the indicator are used). When you reselect a symbol, the corresponding templates are loaded.

Buttons for unused functions can be disabled (hidden).

List of main functions (the utility is constantly being improved, for all new functions and updates, see the "What's New" tab):
  • Switching trading instruments for the current/selected/all charts using buttons or cursor keys up/down or when changing in the main chart (main chart is a chart with the installed utility)
  • Highlighting buttons of trading instruments using the mouse button
  • A configurable list of displayed trading instruments
  • Switching TF for the current/all charts using the buttons or cursor keys left/right with the choice of a set of TF buttons or when changing the TF of the main chart
  • Zooming current/selected/all charts
  • Opening charts of all available currency pairs for one of the 8 major currencies with saving and restoring the template for charts opened by the utility
  • Manual or automatic synchronization of charts with the main chart
  • Automatic switching between trading instruments or TFs with a specified interval and direction. 3 modes available: all instruments, selected instruments, instruments with open positions
  • Setting the color of buttons, anchor angle, offset from the edge, size, font, number of buttons per line, placement subwindow, setting the transparency mode
  • MultiSymbol mode for displaying only objects of the current trading instrument when switching
  • Copying, synchronizing and controlling the display of most of the available graphic objects on the charts of the corresponding trading instrument when they are created and/or moved in the main chart
  • Ignoring objects with selected prefixes
  • Removing objects when switching a trading instrument with specified prefixes or all
  • Disable buttons for unused functions
  • Ability to hide/show all utility buttons
  • Highlighting the border color of the profit/loss button of open positions for trading instruments
  • Selecting a bar for analyzing the price behavior inside it (highlighting and scrolling to the center of the chart of the corresponding bars that make up the selected bar on smaller time frames)
  • Managing autoscrolling charts
  • Global crosshair function that displays and moves crosshairs synchronously on current/selected/all charts
  • The utility can work in four modes: single, main, auxiliary and auto. This feature allows you to customize the utility to control features from any chart
  • Possibility of color highlighting of families of currency pairs by base currency

MT4 version
MT5 version


Re: Charts symbol changer and synchronizer

Usage tip Charts symbol changer and synchronizer:

You don't need to remember which chart the main program is on, you don't need to install different programs on different charts (as it is done for other programs), just install the utility on all your charts. When installing, select "Utility working mode!" for the parameter "Select" mode (configured by default). The first of the installed ones will become the main one. And now, by clicking the "flag" button in the upper right corner of the chart or by pressing the "M" hotkey, you can easily switch the management of the utility to the current chart.

Re: Charts symbol changer and synchronizer

Usage Advice:

To activate the quick switching of the trading symbol, press and release the "Shift" key. To the left of the "CS" utility button (or in the upper right corner of the chart, if the "CS" button is turned off), "XX" should appear. After that, you can press the keys specified in the "Keys of fast switching symbols" parameter. After pressing the key, instead of "XX", the part of the name of the trading instrument specified in the "Names of fast switching symbols" parameter will appear. For example, for "EURUSD" you need to press "E", then press "U". If the trading symbol consists of only one part, then it is necessary to press the specified key again. Default keys:

E - EUR, G - GBP, A - AUD, N - NZD, J - JPY, C - CAD, F - CHF, U - USD, X - XAU, S - XAG, B - BTC

You can also easily add the symbols you need for quick switching and hotkeys to them using the parameters:
"Names of fast switching symbols", "Keys of fast switching symbols"

Re: Charts symbol changer and synchronizer

Usage advice:

Chart subwindow number (0-main)

This parameter determines where the indicator buttons will be located. For example, in the image on the left, the default value is (0), in the image on the right =1, set this parameter to the desired number of the chart subwindow


Re: Charts symbol changer and synchronizer

Usage advice:

To enable color highlighting of the currency family: set the 'Enable currency family color' parameter to 'Enabled'. The 4 settings that follow this parameter are responsible for the colors. The colors and names of the currencies must be separated by commas in the corresponding parameters (this has already been done), their number must necessarily match.


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