Nobody says that you will work in the same way in 30-40 days.
It takes time to gain knowledge, understand, accept and acquire a stable skill.
But this is not years or working out the myth of 10,000 hours of screen time.
Maybe 3 months, maybe 6 or more.
It all depends on your starting level, sensitivity, the presence of stereotypes and stable dogmas in your mind, time and other variable characteristics. { {1}} It's really not difficult to work in Forex.
Having understood and acquired a stable skill, you can work on any platform,
on any instrument, successfully work with stocks, futures, etc. Once again I will highlight two points:
theoretical - to understand;
practical - to acquire a skill.
I think an analogy is appropriate - the rules of the road and practical driving.
The strategy is well formalized and based on graphical analysis.
The chart always reacts to levels (zones). This reaction is observed today, the same happened 20-50 years ago and in the future the price will not stop responding to supply-demand.
This type of instrument is formed on charts all trading instruments without exception, you just need to be able to identify it.
They have a very high probability of working out trading scenarios, they allow you to minimize risks and in the process of trading get the opportunity to collect whole grids of profitable orders. There are practically no drawbacks to this trading style
In understanding the dark side (permanent deception) no indicator will help financial markets.
It is impossible to earn money in the usual way on the stock exchange or in the forex market.
It is a proven fact that large market players, brokers, central banks deliberately manipulate financial markets, artificially creating price models and directing the market to your advantage, not always, but very often. The constant emotionality (greed, fear, etc.) that drives the markets has not changed for many years. The need to correctly capture the aspiration and direction of the market maker's trade is extremely important.
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