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Dear all,

Thank you for your attention and sorry for my english translation.
i hope that´s the right place to post and ask.

Is it possible to have a quote for an Ea that enter only and continuously pending stop order, in one side of the market (buy or sell).
I.e. I want to track the price:
- That there is always a stop buy order above the price at a fixed distance, whatever the market goes up or down, if Ea is set to only buy.
- Or, if Ea is set to only sell, there is always a stop sell order below the price at a fixed distance, whatever the market goes up or down,

The parameters I would like are:
- Distance Pending to price : for all Stop order. (the first one and the following when market goes opposite direction)
- Distance between pending order . (like "stacking level" or "StepSize")
- AvoidInRetracingDoubleOrders : avoid to enter a new pending order at same levels the EA has already one open.

And common parameters:
- MagicNumber to identify orders, as I want to manage positions with an other Ea
- FixedLot
- "Average spread inputs", to disable Ea during High spread
- "Trading hours", to set the activity schedules the Ea will place orders.
- The possibility of using it with broker's symbols with suffix or / and prefix.
That's all.

But maybe you knew an Ea which already does that ?
Thank you for your reply
Best Regards

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