Bureau of joint purchases

Bureau of joint purchases.
The network hosts dozens and hundreds of interesting information products for work on Forex and stock exchanges. But, as a rule, access to the most relevant can be obtained for a considerable price. The joint purchasing bureau allows you to solve this problem - you no longer have to give up an interesting product because of its cost!
Quality paid products of bona fide authors sometimes appear on the market from time to time. This market must be constantly scanned and filtered for fakes.
Although it does not always come out.
The joint purchase bureau allows you to purchase the desired product in 2,3,10,20,50, or even 200 times cheaper than its real price from the seller!
Even a very expensive infoproduct can be bought in stock for a very symbolic price compared to the full cost!
Work algorithm:
  1. An info product is advertised (for example, an indicator, a trading system) with a brief description.
  2. Potted lot.
  3. Accumulate funds.
  4. Purchased product.
  5. Posting is done.
To purchase a product, you specify in the internal mail: a nickname, product name, e-mail. You pay the lot. Expect accumulation, purchase a product. By purchasing it, you receive it or a link to download it to e-mail.
You can offer an interesting information product yourself, and if he finds support in
participants of the forum will be its acquisition and distribution.
Project cons:
  1. The catalog of participants and distribution is made in the manual mode.
  2. Only two payment systems:
SKRILL mygeres@gmail.com

Refunds are not paid, except in cases where the joint purchase did not take place.
It is also a big request not to overload the post with various private messages that can be sent to internal mail (for example, payment confirmation). It will just get in the way of other participants.
This post has nothing to do with my other post DARKENERGY.
So, we try while from small. 2 lots below.

Re: Bureau of joint purchases

LOT 1.DonForex LaserForks
DonForex LaserForks is an automatic, professional indicator and level display scanner for advanced traders. Two in one!
The price of the seller is 145 US dollars.
The price of the lot is 3 US dollars.

Re: Bureau of joint purchases

LOT 2.August Forex Golem EA
The price of the seller is 197 USD.
The price of the lot is 3 USD.

The seller’s promotional text is below.
August Forex Golem is an Auto Trading Robot that works on different currency pairs. It is the first Forex Robot that uses FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT in combination with very robust indicators. It is the first robot that optimizes itself in real time, so you get more accurate & profitable trades.
If you do currency trading in FOREX, then great! Keep on reading.
If you do manual trading then you should read some following advantages of automated trading:
Speed! A human could never beat the speed of a robot. Small delay in buying/selling may miss some good opportunities or it may results a good loss too.
A robot can’t experience fear or greed. Fear & greed are very common problems with manual trading
As you know forex works 24 hours a day & 5 days in a week. So robot is best, because it never gets tired & never sleeps.
A robot can monitor multiple currencies in same time, while it is very hard for human being to monitor & take decision on various currency pairs in all time.
But if you are doing automated trading without lifting a finger, then definitely you are familiar with Expert Advisor (EA)
Before I tell anything about August Forex Golem, please take a look at following:
Click on the following graphs for more detail:
Looking impressive!!!
Now read some following lineaments of August Forex Golem:
Real time optimization: August Forex Golem optimizes itself in real time. August Forex Golem does signal based buy & sell. It used various indicators to take decisions. It is well known that trend of any currency pair can’t be same in all days; it rapidly changes in trend. So any indicator set for some parameters may not be working well in coming days. Now this is the main attribute of August Forex Golem, it doesn’t uses any fasten parameters to its indicators. It continuously checks for best values for indicators and thus it does the good & accurate buy/sell trading.
August Forex Golem can be used on: EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURCHF, GBPCHF, EURCAD, EURAUD, USDSGD, NZDUSD, EURNZD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, CADCHF etc. August Forex Golem can be used either on any one of currency pair or more than one at once. We have seen better results when August Forex Golem is used on EURUSD with 1-minute frame.
You can use August Forex Golem with any amount. You can choose any account type i.e. micro, mini or standard as per your need.

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