HappyFree historical data from around the World

Here you can download free data of the S&P 500 from 1789 until today (in csv format: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.):


(translation of the small window):

Zarzadzaj opcjami = Manage options
Zgadzam sie = I agree

write at the top left (in the box: Symbol np): ^SPX and then click on: Kwotuj

check that in the bottom left-hand corner the following is selected: Historical data

choose Interval: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc...

click at the bottom on: Download data in csv file
S & P storico.jpg

You can get the Indexes of the whole World, by writing in the box: Symbol np

DJI (Down Jones Industrial)

SPX (S&P 500)


FTSE (United Kingdom)

DAX (Germany)

Nikkei (Japan)

Nifty (India)

IDX (Indonesia)

FTSE MIB (Italy)


Re: Free historical data from around the World

You can download these Commodities (all in Metastock format) here:

Gold (1969-2018)

Gold cont--Comex (1974-2018)

Gold Mini-- Comex (2004-2018)

Silver (1980-2018)

Silver cont--Comex (1970-2018)

Silver Mini Globex (2001-2018)

Gold - Silver.rar
(562.68 KiB) Downloaded 57 times

P.S: I thank in advance if anyone would like to share the data from 2018 to 2022 in Metastock format of these Indices:

- Down Jones Industrial

- S & P 500

Re: Free historical data from around the World

With reference to post: #1:

before you click on the button: Download data in csv file,
you should click on: semicolon (at the bottom, where it says: Downloaded data separator: comma | semicolon) so you get the file: csv
with the columns already separated: Date, Open, High, etc...;

then, to quickly transform the csv file to Excel file (xls or xlsx), you can use this free service:



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