Re: [MM] MURREY MATH lines - Results are the name of the game.

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I made this chart Saturday morning and watched BTC move all weekend. I went back to SPX500 at the weekly Sydney open and watched. So far (I understand it's a extremely small sample) the semafors showing up at or very near a MM line have all been winners. I will continue to demo this setup for a few weeks and see what happens. Right now it's in that too good to be true category so anybody else care to demo this and give feedback?

With that being said, I am really liking the evolution of understanding the Murrey Math lines, they look pretty damn legit. I'm liking this set up with the 2 MM indicators. The one from Xard's v8 stays constant at showing the H1 levels and the one I downloaded from this thread shows the MM levels on your current time frame.
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Re: [MM] MURREY MATH lines - Results are the name of the game.

I don't get a lot of daily chart time, maybe a few hours combined.

So far on the M5 chart I have seen 1 pullback cover a full MM level, line to line. That pullback was $5 per .01lot. It turned after that and covered 3 levels line to line. The other 5 pullbacks I have witnessed were all less than half of a MM level...much less than half, a couple pretty much stayed even before turning good.

Those were on SPX500 M5.

Curious if anyone is seeing similar results. What Time frame? What pairs?
Anybody see any disaster pullbacks? I am comfortable with a 1 level pullback on the 5 minute chart.

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