Re: Road to 1 million dollars in 100 days

Deez wrote:
Wed May 30, 2018 6:35 pm
Find the resistance and hope it holds ;)
Your thread looks promising. Subscribed. I also have a question:
- I see those arrows in your screenshot. Have you tried to make an EA that trades those arrows in martingale style with
Section A:
*Up and down trades, + both hedging trades (= 4 trades)
*Entry methods: [trade arrows always OR red arrow when price is below red band]
*only look for trades in direction of trend using EMA[**] OR slope of band (using [10] last bars)
*Exit methods: [averaging OR last trade (which is always in deadzone) takes all or loses all OR deadzone trade reduces [0.5] lot at every bounce that it ranges.

Section B:
TP=75% at 15 pips, partial 25% at next S/R
SL=500 pips (in case of black swan). SL will not be used,

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