Very important breaking news.

''BREAKING: The CDC is withdrawing its standing request to the FDA to grant emergency use authorization for Covid-19 PCR tests.''

The PCR test, with it's huge false positive ratio, has driven the fake pandemic 'cases', 'hospitalisations' and 'deaths' numbers from the start, in affect rebranding other death causes as covid.


SAGE Modeller Admits They Don't Model Good Outcomes For Lockdown Policymakers
“We generally model what we are asked to model. There is a dialogue in which policy teams discuss with the modellers what they need to inform their policy.
“Decision-makers are generally on only interested in situations where decisions have to be made. ... licymakers


yes, it took JP Morgan to point out that a slight tweak to just 1 'assumption' used in the modelling, completely flipped the result.

Previous SAGE projections see below: (from the same Spectator' article as used by Zerohedge)

This modelling is what has been driving govt policy for the last 20 months and about to take us into yet another lockdown.

Covid hospitalisations:
(reality in red)


trailingedge wrote:
Tue Dec 21, 2021 9:25 pm
Looking at the past trend in the 7 day average stats for South Africa, unfortunately a wave of death may be upon them...
Omicron still on track for being much more transmissible but far less severe (lower death rate) than previous dominant strains which is the natural evolution of a virus as per the Dr Scott Atlas interview posted above. If that remains the case then omicron is the one to get for natural immunity if you haven't had covid already, cost/benefit - mild illness and long term natural immunity from covid.


Recent interview with Robert J Kennedy Jr;


I caught up with Kennedy last week and found out why a legal challenge from Fauci or Gates would make him extremely happy.

SB: Have you received any legal challenges from Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates?

RFK: There is nothing in that book that is untruthful. Secondly, I would welcome a lawsuit from Bill Gates and Tony Fauci, and they know that that would be a giant strategic mistake. Even if I did put something in that book that was defamatory, I don’t think they would challenge it. They’ve got so much to lose from the truth. Their only viable strategy is silence.

SB: What kind of reaction have you had from MSM?

RFK: There’s no reviews in the papers [despite the book’s No 1 best-seller status]. I am now being targeted with a barrage of ad hominem articles about me, but they don’t even mention the book, which is weird. They do not want to talk about this book because it’s full of truth. The truth is their deadliest enemy.

SB: Have you ever met either Fauci or Gates?

RFK: I’ve met Tony Fauci. Our paths have crossed for many years. I’ve been working on vaccine issues since 2005 so I’ve seen him in action on many occasions.

In 2016, President Trump asked me to run a vaccine safety commission. To do that I had a series of meetings with the regulatory leadership including Fauci and Gates. One of my challenges to them was to say: ‘You have never done a single double-blind placebo-controlled trial for any of the 72 recommended vaccines being given to children.’ Publicly, Fauci was saying I had not been telling the truth about this. I said to him: ‘Show me one trial for any of those 72 jabs.’ He made a show of looking through the files he’d brought with him. He said: ‘We don’t have them here; we’ll send them to you.’ He never did send them to me and a year later I sued them. We filed a suit asking them to show us any of those studies they had and after a year of litigation they came back and said we don’t have any.

Ironically, Fauci is now saying that he can’t use ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid without back-up from a double-blind placebo-controlled trials.

SB: The impression I get of Fauci is that he knows what to say in public but he seems like he has a dark side to him. The only reason for providing toxic drugs to people, like remdesivir, that has been so harmful to people with Covid, is because you know many who receive it will die. Does he know that?

RFK: Of course he does. He had remdesivir in a study in Africa to see if it worked against Ebola. In 2019, the Data and Safety Monitoring Review Board (DSMB) monitored his work. Two months later, the board was saying it’s not safe, it’s killing people. It’s produced by the pharmaceutical company Gilead which Bill Gates has a huge stake in. Coronavirus does not kill 50 per cent of people who get it whereas trials show that over 50 per cent of people treated with remdesivir died.

SB: In your book you talk about two types of scientists, those who allow Fauci to dictate their careers and those who don’t want to be compromised, but he seems to be very effective at crushing dissent.

RFK: Between him, Gates and Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust [part of the Trust’s £29.1billion annual budget comes from Gates], they control 61 per cent of the biomedical research on earth, so they control pretty much what gets funded. Also, that funding power gives them the power to kill studies they do not want and to ruin scientists who are trying to do those studies and to bankrupt universities. I show how that works in the book. If you had a young scientist at let’s say UCLA Medical School, [University of California, Los Angeles] who says why don’t we study whether the vaccines are causing injury by doing a cluster analysis of medical records? That’s an easy study to do. His dean will get a call from one of Tony Fauci’s flunkeys at the NIH [National Institutes of Health run by Fauci] saying you’d better stop that guy from doing the study, Tony doesn’t want it done. UCLA, like all the medical schools in this country, is getting hundreds of millions of dollars from Fauci and the NIH and are completely dependent on the royalties from pharmaceutical products that Fauci develops in his lab, farms out to the universities for phase 1 and phase 2 trials, then brings in a pharmaceutical company to produce the drug who then shares the patent with the university. Everybody is on the hook; everybody is making money and all of them have a huge incentive not to talk.

Tomorrow we examine the sensational findings of RFK’s book. ... s-nemesis/


$57B annual budget for CDC/NIH.
31,000 employees.
$1.8M per employee.

No study on Natural immunity.

See the Fauci Scam yet?

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