Introducing Status: A Trading Platform in a League of its Own

What makes something a good platform? I think all good platforms share certain features, the most important of which is that they bring together the priorities of different parties and allow them to interact in a manner that is beneficial to all.

In the case of social media/blogging, these groups would be content consumers and content creators. In the case of online trading they are, of course, traders and brokers. With Status we have built a central hub from which a trader’s entire relationship with their broker can be managed from one place – i.e. a platform that places a premium on three central features that both traders and brokers prioritize. These features are: integration, confirmation and education.


Integration is a big buzzword for businesses, particularly when it comes to different BI systems talking to each other. However, it’s often overlooked when it comes to user experience, at least in the short term. Most applications start off as fragmented, doing just one thing well. Then, as the ecosystem evolves, you see integrations taking place where a number of different features can be leveraged to provide a bigger, more useful service.

WhatsApp initially only enabled its users to set personal statuses next to their contact details. That’s it. Then, when Apple enabled push notifications, it slowly evolved into a rudimentary messenger service. Today it’s the thread that connects what used to be two completely separate worlds; your FaceBook with your phone’s contacts.

Integration is good for businesses because it facilitates the flow of information. But it’s also good for users because it enables them to get more done without having to switch away to a different interface, a different login screen, a different logic. The online services you use the most all share this feature, so why not your trading platform?

This was our point of departure when creating Status, that it should integrate fully with the brokerage, allowing users to do carry out almost any interaction they would have with their broker, without ever having to leave the platform. This includes client area logins, KYC/AML, funding, livechat, notifications and third party services.

Through Status you can register, login, upload documents, deposit funds, trade, interact with customer support, use third party trading services and consult a trading knowledge base, all from within the platform, all without never having to click away.
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Re: Introducing Status: A Trading Platform in a League of its Own

That sound interesting :) It will definitely save time – because now for example when you make deposit you have to open the payment processor site, log in do the required security stuffs then transfer the funds and go inform the support of your brokers (which is in another place). Hopefully Status will be secure enough to keep the details and prevent from any offenders.

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