Nice little player for playing Flac music.

For windows users
Simply unzip into it's own folder in windows and run the Foobar2000.exe file

Mac & Linux Users
Simply unzip into it's own folder in your wine directory and run the Foobar2000.exe file
You can also add to plank as a shortcut.

All the best

XARD - Screenshot.png 
XARD - Screenshot.png
! ! ! F O O B A R.zip
(20.78 MiB) Downloaded 180 times

Hi xard
Thanks for a little companion while trading [smile]
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

For Windows I use MediaMonkey. I have a bigger MP3 collections (also FLAC) and need a program for managing that. I also like that it is highly customizable. You can also play videos, but for that I use a VCL based player.

For Linux I use Clementine Music Player. Meanwhile it's also available for Windows.


I don't know a program for music and videos. Is there any? And no, the VCL Player is not made for music.

Thanks for presenting high heel,anyway is winner till now [smile]
if some body really improve/fine tune (edit) his/her music aud/vid,i think camtasia is the best one,a lot of editing tools (softwares)
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.


Those are pretty neat media players there fellas. Seeing these reminds me of the old Winamp days. Ah, take me back.

Thanks for sharing.

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i too use mediamonkey for music and VLC for video.  i mean, anything is better than that gawd-awful iTunes, right?

As an alternative to VLC player I like to use MPV.
Here is the link...

All the best

I use the old Winamp 2.91c, takes 5x less cpu than nowadays windows mp3-player.
For videos, this is very popular, you don't need to load extra codecs, it runs also portable without installing

Re: XARD - Nice little Music Player

thiru wrote:
Mon May 21, 2018 3:47 pm
For windows, you can add this player to the list of nice music players.. been using for years. Great for large collection and highly customizable.


its free but not open source.
this is good thx man i downloaded and i like the equalizer & DSP sounds i find it deeper bass than windows 10 "True Bass" don't u? :clap:

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