IndicatorPlease upgrade Supertend averages 2.6


First off all I want to thank you guys for the great work you're doing, you're making the best indicators out there!

Supertrend averages 2.6 is my favourite indicator and I would really appreciate if someone could improve it.

Basically what I need is an added calculator for Volume size in regards to stop loss value. The SL value should be calculated just a little above or below the Supertrend line + Spread value,
so the position size calculator would give an accurate volume size in regards to where the price is at. This would be invaluable, especially when scalping.

As you can see in the picture I'm using pos_sizeBalance indicator calculator on the side to determine different values for SL TP Volume etc. so the addon for the Supertrend indicator should be of the same principle.
You should be able to set these values to determine what % of your equity you want to risk. Basically the upgrade could be identical to the pos size calculator except volume would be calculated a little below or above the supertrend value + spread.

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