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Hello everybody,
As I go through the marvelous indicators that one can find here, I often think "this looks good", but it would need more parameters optimization, more backtesting.

Would it be possible to have an expert advisor, that would import actual data from let us say two to five MrTools and Mladen´s indicators from this site, subject the values to some pre-set logic and then issue a buy/sell signal with SL set by one indicator value (eg PSAR) and R/R ratio pre-set ? No trade babysitting, set and fly.
While I don't know much personally about coding EAs I do see the main problem in the possibility of joining the indicators feed into the EA.. if these indicators allow this at all.
The main gain here would be that anyone could use this, easily change the indicators feed so to exchange one indicator with another, and test whatever strategy looks good to his/her eyes.
Limiting such an EA to backtest would be perfectly OK if that would help in coding it. I pretty much understand, that maybe the live option for such a thing could be regarded as paid for.
Also as for me. I would happily post whatever results I get from using this EA so anyone could learn or get inspiration.

So, any thoughts? And please excuse if I am asking or suggesting something generally available.. if that is the case, I would be very much grateful for any directions.

Best regards to everyone,

Re: Universal backtesting EA

I also need this tool to do simple backtest on chart.

I already found an expert for this but the EA have lots of bugs
The expert name is nnfx_backtesting
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