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wojtek wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 9:28 am
You should use the keris2112 method (from the former Forex-TSD forum) for creating MTF code.
For this purpose you need only to call the buffers using the iCustom function.
Hi Wojtek,

Thanks for your reply. I am a newbie and hardly know anything about coding. Was wondering if there was actually an indicator available which can be used to call my indicator. Appreciate all the help.

Re: Coding Help

Mrtools or any one
I have converted the Chaos indicator, which re-paints, to show a 1 Or -1 at the time of the correct occurrence but 1 shift back. The problem I have is it disappears on the second candle after it occurred.
What coding will allow me to freeze the "trend1" until the next occurrence of "trend -1" and so on.

I have tried several coding steps to lock it in until the occurrence of the next change but to no avail.
Any Help would be appreciated
Never mind I got the answer.
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