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HI, everyone. i have a question about open/close order in mql4. Normally, a EA opens and closes orders on the open price of the next bar ( if signal is based on the previous bar), is it possible to make the EA to open/close orders on the close price of the previous bar ( because sometime the current open price doesn't equal to previous close price ), and how to achieve that in coding? Thank you very much.

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Is there a way to order alphabetically the following list

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Re: Non repainting MTF histogram

Hi, I'm wondering if this is possible at all, please see the image below;
Image 4.png
The indicator below the heatmap accesses a predefined higher timeframe and shows the status of my indicators through iCustom on a lower timeframe,
The issue I'm facing is that when the state of indicators changes from bullish to bearish or vice versa on the HTF, all closed bars of the current HTF bar on the LFT will change (repaint).

The question is how can I prevent all closed bars on the LTF from current HTF bar from repainting when the HTF bar changes state except the currently un-closed bar ?

How do I go about it ? please share any code examples/snippets.

Thank you.

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Hi, Can someone please modify the following ea.

It is a martingale that when the price goes up it opens Sells and when price goes down it opens Buys. I would like it to do the opposite. That is Buy when price goes up and Sells when price goes down.

Would greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to do this.

Thank you and Best rgds
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