NinjaTrader 8 indicators

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MacdBB V4 NT8.0.4 + gradient + pullback setting


* Paint bars.
* Candle outlines.
* Paint background of panel and chart.
* Standard option.
* New pullback option. If the dots are above/below the average then the dominant trend colors the dots.
* Gradient option with improved gradient methods.
* Radial gradient 'bling' for your dots.
* Custom audio alert.
* Gapless option. Use intraday to ignore the opening gap. Useful for determining the opening trend.
* Chart signals for entry and exit, based on crossing of the zero line, average or bollingers.
* New SignalIntSeries using +1 for uptrend, -1 for downtrend to use in your strategies.
* Choice between standard deviations or mean absolute deviation (MAD).

macd bb gradient.jpg 
macd bb gradient.jpg
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This is a conversion of the DValueArea developed by Ben L. and originally coded for the NinjaTrader 7 platform by DeanV. I found it on the Ninjatrader Support Forum, converted by Ninjatrader Support.

It shows the developing value area and POC, also pre-session. Profile types are VOC, TPO, VWTPO and VTPO. You have the option of showing a realtime POC.

dvalue area.jpg 
dvalue area.jpg
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The Volume density horizontally and Volume vertically should be very nice for Volume scalping.
mladen, what are the green and pink lines?
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A simple histogram indicator of depth of market (DOM) data also known as standing, limit and stop orders. Displays along side the price scale with a handy adjustable margin to avoid other price scale indicators. Written for simplicity and speed of execution. A performance test has been added to evaluate the Refresh Delay parameter.
This is EdsLevel2Dom_V1.0 (NT7) rewritten for NT8.

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PriceLine V2 NT8.0.2 with timer

This price line has been morphed with the NT8 bar timer.

* You can use the timer on time-based, tick or volume bars.
* I have made a custom price marker that attempts to emulate the default NT8 price marker. (You can use this AddOn for your own indicators as well).
* Set a threshold value to warn you when the timer exceeds the threshold value.
* Choose the ZOrder to enable plotting behind or in front of the bars.
* Choose opacity of the line.
* Set to plot the tick size thickness to use on Footprint charts. (These are not included).
* The timer and priceline colors are automatically set to the data series/instrument price marker so you must change this within the data series menu.
* Set the length to: Fullscreen, margin only, fullscreen minus margin, your length or timer only.


* The timer will plot only whilst you are connected.
* The time-based timer is set off your system clock, so make sure this is correct.

price line.jpg 

price line.jpg
Price Line V2.01 NT8.zip
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[QUOTE]Added color and Keltner Channels to the popular ADXVMA. You can select your colors for an Up trend, Down trend or Neutral. The Keltner Bands can be colored and set to the multipliers that you prefer. In the picture, the ADXVMA is set to 5 periods and the bands are set to 1.5 for the inner band and 2.5 for the outer band. [/QUOTE]

adxvma bands.jpg 
adxvma bands.jpg
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Hola a todos, tienen estos indicadores basados en volumen para NT7, me parecen interesantes como el EDSLEVEL2DOM, DVALUEAREA, Y OTROS. MUCHAS GRACIAS Y ENCANTADO CON ESTE NUEVO HILO

[QUOTE=jolugarpe]Hola a todos, tienen estos indicadores basados en volumen para NT7, me parecen interesantes como el EDSLEVEL2DOM, DVALUEAREA, Y OTROS. MUCHAS GRACIAS Y ENCANTADO CON ESTE NUEVO HILO[/QUOTE]

Check this for start : ninjatrader 7 indicators

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