Re: TradeStation questions?

styx wrote:
Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:06 pm
I just saw some advertising from TradeStation where they now offer their trading software and data free if you open an account with them. The only reason I didn't have an account with them was because they charged for the data and software while most other brokerages offered data and software for free. If they would have done this 10 years ago they would probably have double the accounts? It is probably too late in the game now, but it can't hurt them. They will probably ad some accounts because of this.
So I will probably open an account with TradeStation since I know the cycle stuff can be done with it.
I question I would like to ask the users of TradeStation is:
Can you overlay a market over another market to compare them? But also be able set one of the markets back or forwards to any date? Meaning you can overlay and compare say this years qqq to say the SPY or any other market or even the qqq itself, from 5, 10, 15 or what ever years ago? So you can visualy compare this year to any year in the past you want to compare.
Hope you understand what I am wanting to do.
Can this be done with TradeStation?


Overlaying different symbols (is as easy as it gets using tradestation
Just go to insert and insert another symbol - no need to any other thing (code or indicator or anything else)

Re: TradeStation questions?

With the overlay. Can you overlay a market from say the year 1990 or what ever year one wants, over a market of this year? To compare the 2 years different years? It would be like comparing the year 1990 to the year 2017.
Also can you do it with using something like a one day moving avg. or a line chart instead of a bar chart?

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