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mladen wrote:Schaff trend cycle (adjustable smoothing) with an addition of floating levels - seems to be useful for filtering out some of the signals
Do we have that for metatrader?

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A sort of an experiment, but using tradestation this time
It uses nonlag ma (with an option to have regular or double smoothed non-lag ma) as a basis to calculate something that we can describe as an "estimate of a trend". At a first glance it seems to be usable - further testing needed though
nonlag trend.jpg
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This indicator is filling in some gaps in default tradestation CCI indicator ...
It (the default CCI indicator) uses only typical price for calculation. While it is OK as far as definition is concerned (since, indeed, CCI is defined to use only typical price), there is no reason why we should not use other prices too,. This version adds an option to use any price, but also adds option to have price pre- and pos- smoothing. The more interesting is pre-smoothing (since the lag added by it is minimal), and it helps a lot in filtering some false signals

The example is using period 32 for pre-smoothing. As it is obvious it starts to look much more "tradeable" than the default CCI

cci extended.jpg
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