MT4 Window-Grid/ Grouping?

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MT4 Window-Grid/ Grouping?

Hi there

I don't think this is possible because MT4 is such an old platform but my biggest annoyance with MT4 is:

- Every window is a single window system contained in the MT4 application frame. Means = You can't create a chart grid of different pairs and then have that group of pairs in 1 single window. For example on ThinkOrSwim or other charting tools this is no problem. Can easily create grids/ groups and even undock as single floating windows. But not in MT4 and I'm sure not in MT5 either.

- I know there's a script that lets you undock single windows in MT4, I have it. But this is only for each windows. There is no way to create groups. This is so annoying because I'm left with having to undock 18 windows and re-arrange & re-size them every time. It's so tedious.

Like I said it's most likely not possible but maybe a small hope that somebody knows a solution?

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