Re: Timmy's Expert advisor service

TimmyHanke wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 1:14 am
Hercs wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 12:32 am
MrTools, Mtiwana and/or Timmy,

Is there an Expert Advisor in this Thread ( I may have missed it during my search and I apologise up front if I did) that will work on the crossing of 2 moving averages ( I know it sounds so "old school"), but with this difference that I can adjust the shift of one of the MAs or both for that matter - independently.

Settings parameters as follows: Period; Shift; Method; Apply to.

Ideally I wish to add a CCI to it but for now it will suffice.

Thank you for replying at your convenience.
Hi Timmy,
Thanks again for the reference, but the developer has not responded as I cannot get his EA to take any trades.
The one MrTools posted is not reading the neg. shift properly and places trades in the wrong direction. I tested it during consolidation which is a good way of checking to see whether the EA reads it correctly.
Any suggestions perhaps?

Re: Timmy's Expert advisor service

Re: Remove thread

From: Jimmy 
Recipient: TimmyHanke

TimmyHanke wrote:

Fri May 18, 2018 4:28 pm

Jimmy can you do me a favour and remove my thread 
" Timmys expert advisor service "
I would be grateful .

/ Timmy Hanke

Sure. May I ask why you would like it removed? Just so i can explain to the other mods why it was removed.

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Re: Remove thread


Because it was created with whiskey and the intention that it would totaly break me down. 
I work better when I have hands around my throut. 
A pressure that i could not take at that moment. I started to smile and feel awesome but nope i could not take it, I will not smile until I'm finnished.
So I did this to work and do more than is possible to help people for free. 
But with an insight of it all, I did it to hide myself. 
I always did things for others than for myself before than for myself .
It didnt kill me so it's time for change.
So therefore I'm out. 
/ Timmy Hanke

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