Re: Trend Direction Force Index Indicators

hmwa wrote:
Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:32 pm
thanks bro, i've also had a similar experience. the tma is quite accurate but recalculates/repaints. thanks again bro
If you like and afford and ignore few bars then try tma from Averages version with bands or any other tma with bands - and apply "- shift" with same value as tma period value,it will be form same like tma centered but the number of bars back as number of periods,try it with period 5 and shift "-5" - usually suitable for lower TFs (M1-M5) but higher TFs it is much bad and wrong to ignore few bars

Re: Trend Direction Force Index Indicators

Dear All,

Can somebody code so that TDF can have Arrow/Alert when TWO PERIODS like (ex. 10,20) lines up when they are OBOS.

Arrow should stay until candle closed ONLY IF both Periods are stil OBOS so we can have entry on next candle.

PERIODS must be adjustable so we can test what PERIODS matches up the best.

Pls see attached image.

PLs note just an idea of a good entry and NOT SAYING THIS IS MY INDICATOR.

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