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friend4you wrote:
Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:19 pm
mrtools wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:17 am

Had forgot the alerts, added them in this version. Also there are settings for the atr here::::
Dear mrtools!
Any thoughts of my request 2 weeks ago:
Can you make the filter period separately selectable instead of "Jurik and filter period to use"?
Here is your last version:
Adaptive - jurik filter(mtf + alerts + fl's).ex4
Try this one!
adpt jurik.png
Adaptive - jurik filter (mtf + alerts + fl's).ex4
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Re: Adaptive Indicators

Mladen's latest, translated to mt4, and explanation from him ---

Theory :

VMA (Variable Moving Average) is often mistakenly confused with the VIDYA (Volatility Index Dynamic Average) which is not strange since Tushar Chande took part in developing both. But the VMA was preceding the VIDYA and should not be mistaken for it. The formula for original VMA calculation is the following :

Code: Select all

VMA = (α * VI * Price) + ((1 – ( α * VI )) * VMA[1])


α = 2 / (N + 1)

VI = Users choice of a measure of volatility or trend strength.

N = User selected constant smoothing period.
About this version :

This version is, as it is obvious from its name, adding two options and some changes.

.. instead of using fixed user input for VI (the measure of volatility),and for which Tushar Chande was using Standard Deviation Ratio (SDR), it is using Adam Whites Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF) and that way it makes it automatically adjust to current market volatility
.. it is adding an option to filter out some insignificant changes in slope direction by using step calculation (setting the step size to 0 produces original VHF adaptive VMA - without steps filtering)
VMA, as is, is a "good candidate" for this type of filtering since it tends to produce prolonged periods of nearly horizontal values when the volatility of the market is low, so, when the step filtering is applied to it, the small slope changes that are happening as a results of the semi EMA calculation are filtered out, and signals are becoming more usable

Usage :

You can use the color change as signals. Some experimenting with step size (since this version is using step size based on pips that is entered as users input)
step vhf adaptive vma.ex4
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step vhf vma.png

Re: Adaptive Indicators

step vhf adaptive vma.ex4 seems to have refreshing issues.

edit: or maybe not I forgot : Allow DLL imports...

Re: Adaptive Indicators

FBI wrote:
Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:40 am
step vhf adaptive vma.ex4 seems to have refreshing issues.

edit: or maybe not I forgot : Allow DLL imports...
It doesn't need a DLL, and if so and you haven't checked it, it wouldn't appear on the chart due to a not allowed function call to the DLL.
It just stops to draw when applied.

Re: Adaptive Indicators

FBI wrote:
Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:52 am
Yes, it has refresh problem.
Not having that problem here could you show me some charts please.

Re: Adaptive Indicators

Thank you. It looks like you fixed it Mr Tools. I have a real good feeling about this indicator, I think it is a Holy Grail, all ready saw that every trade is a winner and have played with settings very short time. Volatility is The King.

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