Re: Triangular moving average ...

Hi mladen, mntiwana, mrtools and all great coders of forex-station;

Got few questions about the TMA indicator.

Let's get the facts correct, TMA is repainting indicator and I like it that way. mladen and others have explained it so many times the nature and use of repainting indicators.

From reading the forums, I understand that it was mladen who coded the first TMA (which was a quite a challenge) and since then there are few variants floating around. if not mistaken, the first version is named TMAdCG.

Then there is a version of TMA which uses LWMA for the center line like the "TMA centered bands.mq4" etc.

When I put them on the chart, almost all of them presents a different picture. See, charts below;
2018-04-16 17_05_02-EURUSD,M5.png
2018-04-16 17_05_15-EURUSD,M5.png
2018-04-16 17_05_39-EURUSD,M5.png
2018-04-16 17_05_53-EURUSD,M5.png
2018-04-16 17_07_43-EURUSD,M5.png
2018-04-16 17_11_27-EURUSD,M5.png

All of the above use 2.0 for the deviation band.

I'm very keen to know which one of them is/are the REAL TMA that is mathematically correct (Sure the first version is correct) and that repaints as moving. With half-length set to 56, when there is a rally as in the picture, I expect the TMA to adjust after some time, not immediately.

Any other or new version of TMA ?
What will be the ideal setting for half length, ATR and deviation?
Any other recommendation for someone who wishes to look at TMA ?

Thank you for your time.

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