Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Hi mr tools,
I need your help if you could solve I will be very satisfied.I am sending mq4 and a few explanation.

I want to add on daily open line 4 horizontal line these horizontal lines must be both up and down of daily open line.

For instance,


Daily open line=1.39922
Avarage is 130(GBPUSD).

(first resistance level 130/4)=32.50 1.39922+0,00325= 1.40247

Resistance levels and other support levels must have such as an example.

If you can help me, i will be very happy.
Best regards...ALTKUB
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Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Hi guys!

Anyone of you using the London opening range breakout indicator? the problem is I don't want a box, only the high & low horizontal lines are enough, can anyone get rid of those vertical lines please? a couple of bars are hidden & I can't see the spread & close of those bars which is important if you use Wyckoff/VSA.

The indicator is in .ex4 format, I think it can't be edited, can anyone create a new one please? Also the lines are very thick, even a coloured zone without any borders will also do.

Hope it can be helped, thanks
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Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Reinhold wrote:
Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:17 am
Hello friends,

I hope I'm in the right thread here.
Does anyone have an indicator that alerts when there is a CCI divergence but only on points when the CCI is in overbought or oversold as shown in the image attached ?
Would appreciate it a lot

Many thanks in advance !
In response to your PM and request here too
plz,no needs for PMs for general help/requests,it will be treated same and equally when and where it is possible but you all guys can get better and fast responses from all experts here in open forum comparing to PMs - till it is not some secret and private matter - :)
this is what i have and unfortunately i am not coder - for some more specific things/coding (if any) you may search at freelance

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