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Hi Admin and Moderators,

I have an issue, I am from Pakistan and when I tried to access this useful forum from my IP it throws an error "403 Forbidden" I have to run Opera web browser to with the help of builtin VPN to access the forum, can you please fix this issue.


Re: Suggestions to improve site

I have an idea i always see nice ideas and indicators while searching other priority things and sometimes downloading them or reading them can distract you. is there anyway we can have button to favorite or read later or similar thing or maybe favorite list of indicators or posts near the like button or anywhere else.

Re: Suggestions to improve site

society wrote:
Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:36 am
Hey Jimmy
how about MT4 Trading Utilities, Chart Tools & Add-ons for the daily downloads as a theme for a week or so
Excellent idea. We will gather some of our most popular Chart Tools & Add-ons this weekend and start sorting them out for posting next week :razz:
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