Forex-Station's Rules, Ranks & Everything in between

Dearest family,

We are blessed to be growing in users and popularity so we would like to present and explain our official forum rules here for all to take note of.

Forex-Station.com is a professional trading community of close-knit individuals of all ages, nationalities, genders and education/experience levels who are here to learn, help, educate, share and communicate with their fellow Forex-Station.com peers. With that in mind, we request all users to take a five minutes to read and abide by our set of rules to continue helping us reach our mission - To be the provider of the highest quality trading content on the internet.

  • Requests regarding decompiled, renamed, hacked and/or stolen MQL4 (and similar) codes will not be modified or “fixed” on Forex-station.com.
  • Information, instructions, files, strategies, indicators, scripts, EA's (Expert Advisors/Robots), content given and shared within these forums is to be used at your own risk. By engaging, downloading, posting, following or using any of this information you give up the right to hold Forex-Station.com liable for any damages.
  • All of Forex-Station.com’s forums are specifically categorized by topics. Please ensure that you post all your questions or messages in the appropriate thread/topic/forum.
  • Please use our Search functions and Attachments Center to find your answers and content. If you are unable to find the answers or content you are looking for, feel free to post your question in the appropriate forum.
  • If a topic is posted in a forum that is not appropriate for the question, Forex-Station.com staff has the right to move that topic to a better suited thread/forum.
  • To keep our site and our users protected, posting links to non-Forex-Station.com hosted software or files is NOT permitted. Instead, please upload the file/s directly to Forex-Station.com by attaching it to your post. Our advanced security software scans all incoming files for security threats to prevent harm to our site and/or our users.
  • Website "Scrapers", Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Mass downloading, Web Harvesting or leeching from our servers is strictly prohibited on Forex-station.com. Our security software is constantly monitoring for malicious behavior and will result in an automatic banning and a report sent to the ISP detected.
  • We will not allow racial, gender, ethnic based insults or any other personal discriminations.
  • Spamming, Advertising or posting spammy links is not permitted at all in any circumstances. Members who spam on Forex-Station.com will be permanently IP banned.
  • Warez, pornography or any other illegal transactions are not permitted on Forex-Station.com.
  • Adult themed content is to be posted in The Lounge forum.
  • Posts may be deleted for any reasons the forum moderators and administrators deem reasonable.
  • If you are sharing a trading strategy or system, please make the effort to include your screenshots and all files including indicators and templates in the first post and update your thread periodically as your system advances.
    If required, Forex-Station.com staff are ready to help with uploading and screenshots. Failure to include all files in your first post will result in your post or topic being edited or removed.
  • Try as best as you can to thoroughly explain your query in your first post and if possible please try to demonstrate your specific issue or question by using pictures rather than just posting up unclear questions as mind-reading is not something we can do! Some posts may receive no response because of lack of clarity and at times posts are not responded to due to not being relevant to the topic. So please post your questions with as much detail!
  • Always make an effort to do your homework prior to posting general questions! Do not expect others to do all of the work for you. Doing so is considered selfish and taxing of others time, which is not what others deserve.
  • Threads may be edited for any reasons the forum moderators and administrators deem reasonable.
  • Signatures or profiles cannot be used for commercial purposes, contain violent images or pornography. Signatures that are found to be inappropriate will be removed at the discretion of the staff.
  • Avatars cannot be commercial in nature or contain violent images or pornography. Avatars that are found to be inappropriate will be removed at the discretion of the staff.
  • If a source code (ie. MQ4 file) is not posted, please understand and accept the code as it is. Please do not ask for the source code and respect our coder's decision to protect their valuable work.
  • Commercial sale of files, indicators, software, trading advice, trade copy services and systems are not permitted on Forex-station.com unless approved by management.
  • Linking to hate, anti-Semitic, racist, pornography, warez, or other illegal sites is not permitted.
  • Requests for EX4 files to be decompiled will not be entertained at all.
  • Members may have only one account on this forum. Our security software routinely scans for multiple user accounts using phrase recognition, e-mail and IP address cross-checking. Accounts that are flagged and matched are automatically removed by our security software. If more than one person is to use a single computer, please contact the Forex-station.com staff so that we do not mistakenly delete the second account.
  • Requests from brokerage firms to change Broker reviews, posts or complaints will not be done.
  • Forex-Station.com uses sophisticated security software to prevent spam, viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware, and adware. If you are unable to register on Forex-Station.com it is most likely that our security software has flagged your IP address, e-mail or username as a security threat to our site. Please contact our staff using the Contact Us section if you feel this has been is a mistake.
  • Blocking ads is your choice. Please bear in mind that you hurt our staff and our site by doing this! With safe & reputable Google Ads, we only earn just enough to pay for our monthly hosting but even so, we will only ever display a maximum of two to three lightweight Google ads per page, no popups, screaming videos, adware or fluff. Please consider whitelisting our site so that we can continue to provide free content and trading advice forever.
  • Ranks are assigned to users and staff members to distinguish and also award individuals according to contribution and experience.

    New Member - Members who have 0-24 posts are ranked as a "New Member".

    Member - Members who have 25-499 posts are ranked as a "Member".

    Senior Member - Members who have 500 or more posts are ranked as a "Senior Member".

    Veteran Trader - Members who have 2000 or more posts are ranked as a "Veteran Trader".

    Contributor - Members who have made a significant effort to upload codes, files or strategies are awarded the "Contributor" rank. Contributors usually have uploaded a large amount of trading indicators, scripts, EA's or other valuable information and are members who are also relied upon by the community for guidance and direction.

    Moderator - Members who are moderators are ranked as "Moderator" and they are the front line of Forex-Station.com. They ensure the community is up to date, forums are tidy and members are doing the right thing. Moderators are also experienced in trading and have a deep understanding on how the markets work.

    Coder - Members who are highly experienced in coding are ranked as "Coder" and have a thorough knowledge of complex coding and a history of making technical indicator files, fixes and sharing their creations and modifications for others to use on Forex-Station.com.

    Co-ordinator - Members who are site co-ordinators carry out webmaster duties including database and server management, website security, spam management, membership on-boarding and screening, domain management, content sharing and also social media platform management.

    Administrator - Members who are Administrators carry out moderator duties as well as managing website security, spam management, membership on-boarding and screening, content sharing and also social media platform management.

    Official - Official accounts are accounts that are in operation by verified trading software staff, developers and representatives. These members may also have Moderator rights within specific forums. Please feel free to contact them directly via Private Message (PM) or post your questions or concerns regarding their trading software inside their designated Forex-Station.com forums and they will return your correspondence as soon as possible.

    Banned - Members who have been removed from the Forex-Station.com community for violating these rules are ranked as "Banned".


May God bless you and we wish you all the very best results in your trading and hope to see you on the forums in 2018!
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