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the market controls the price, if the price is high enough more people will learn to code, then the price will go back down, my main 'complaint' was the price fixing at $30 base when i know some programmers will fix a line or 2 of code for $10 or so, especially from like india or malasia or something where $10 is worth more

I think mladen had the final word here

Re: cheap programers

With no intention to cause any dispute whatsoever ...

There is no "fixing line or two of code" since there is no indicator, ea or a script that is written using just a line or two of code. Without understanding the rest, "fixing" can cause a mess in a lot of cases. So, coding is coding : a line or 100 lines that are changed, does not matter. Whoever thinks that changing one line of code in a code that has 1000 lines is easy should start learning to code and see how long it will take before the rest of the code is understood and why it is never just a line or two that must be taken into account (and why the coders understanding of that rest of the 1000 lines can make such a difference - even in coding job prices)

PS: I do agree that $10 is not the same in all the countries of the world. And that is a shame. Just think of it and think of the situation of the people where $10 means a world and people from countries where $10 is not even enough for a cup of coffee in some cities and are complaining about the prices of coding services. For God's sake : why should a coder from one of the "developed" countries be payed 100 times more than someone not living there for the same job done? Or better told yet : why should someone from "not-developed" countries be payed 100 times less? Or how we determine who should be from where?

Again : the reason to post this post is not to cause any dispute, but to point out to some things that are usually taken for granted when they are not (granted) at all. As far as I am concerned I really do not have anything else to say regarding this "issue"

Re: cheap programers

bonifaas_abe wrote:
Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:02 pm
I agree with mntiwana and Krelian 99 ,certainly in the occasion you have no idea about programming and you would like a quality product, there should be no compromises with the price , because usually the cheaper solution is not a profitable one
All i know and wish,traders/customers have sufficient idea,knowledge and experience regarding experienced coders and their coding status/quality as i often see complains and redoing,arguing and repeating things in between coders and customers but unfortunately mostly customers only looks at price not at quality work and as a result they invest more than once paid for classic code

Re: cheap programers

You can’t really put an exact price on knowledge and skills which most probably have been developed over many years. All depends on the current market conditions and how much the customers are willing to pay for a certain service. As I mentioned in my previous post there is always a risk cheaper service to be a low quality one.

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