Police in Taiwan warns of forex scams on dating websites

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) in Taiwan warns of a new wave of investment scams on dating and chat websites, featuring a case of a man who lost over 4 million Taiwanese Dollars (128 000 USD).

Wang, a 53 year old Taiwanese businessman, was approached by a charming woman on Facebook and after a few chats, he decided to get a divorce and start a new live with her.

“It was love at first sight with you, I prefer a mature man with broad social experience”, the lady wrote in one of their chats.

The woman told Wang she worked in the Hong Kong financial sector, earning a decent income, while trading currencies online. And she persuaded Wang to invest initially some 10 000 USD, on which he received back some small incremental profits, which convinced him to deposit a larger amount.

Wang withdraw all of his bank savings and send them via a wire transfer to the woman. A few days latter however, he received a short message from her telling him the trades went wrong and that all the money are lost.

Wang tried to contact her back, but in vain. Than he realized he was scammed for 4 million Taiwanese Dollars (128 000 USD) – his life savings.

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