Anyone here having experience with coinexx?

Lately, I’ve been thinking of changing my broker to coinexx (after reading positive reviews on babypips). Right now they are matching all my trading needs but before opening account with them I need suggestions. So, has anyone heard of them? Or have any experience of trading with them?
I would really appreciate some reviews.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Anyone here having experience with coinexx?

Thank you all for the replies, I finally open an account with them and I can say, they are offering really good trading conditions. I haven’t faced any kind of problem till date. Good broker. Will keep updating, if anything goes south.

Re: Anyone here having experience with coinexx?

Been away for a while and I think I barely used this forum since I started trading with coinexx. Hmm, trading keeping me busy, I must say!
Jokes apart, everything has been very smooth with this broker, though one fraud did got me all doubtful about them, but eventually he was caught claiming wrong things about them, so back to relaxed trading.
Planning to start crypto trading as well, What are your thoughts on this matter?

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