FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

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Re: FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

macd & rsi wrote:
Wed May 16, 2018 6:35 pm
I found it and its bonus app. on google play .
It works by scanning QR code .

Is it safe ? . is FOREXCHIEF a regulated broker ?

what do you know about it and its bonus ?

thank you for sharing your knowledge .

free $100 HMMM no such thing as free lunch..........i search around & many say unlicenced plus it website looks dodgy! :eh: unclear past means avoid it i thinks

Re: FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

now i check the forexchief twitter only got 10 follower since 2015...... :think: very strange for a broker only have 10 twitter follower for 3 years then their facebook have 7000 friend but most fake account as u can see in the comment section just say "it's great" or "good news" but not 1 reviews at all!!!!! SCARY :| :|


Re: FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

thank you for sharing your opinion , dear moey_dw.

I have not downloaded its app. yet .

any other friends ?

Re: FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

As per their site, which looks very unprofessional by the way, they have dealer in securities license issued by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. If I am correct, this would mean that they are pure Market Maker with dealing desk. And no market maker is giving anything for free. They will find million ways to collect back the bonus they gave you and then some…

Re: FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

There is no one to make free gifts and to give money - especially brokerage company :) with unprofessional website. The idea is to attract clients and to get their money and I believe even they might to steal funds - just like this :)

Re: FOREXCHIEF & 100$ bonus

You must trade 10,000,000 USD to get 100 USD! The bonus is peanuts when you traded the required 10,000,000 USD. Will they ever let you get the bonus?

Why want to go to an unknown broker in Hintergrantluffsheim? I wouldn't go to a broker that offers only MT4/5 anymore. Don't ask me why, but it doesn't feel trustful for me.

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