Back testing: theory and practice.

Hi everyone,

Back testing on historical data seems to be vey interesting and useful. It helps traders to find out whether the strategy would be profitable or not, detect the weak point of their strategy and fix them. At the same time, it is quite difficult to find reliable information about back testing. Most of the traders just use demo trading instead of backtesting, but it seems to be so time-consuming, and the results of such testing are heavily influenced by trader`s psychology.

Let`s collect everything related to back testing here: pros and cons, tools, personal experience and ideas.

Re: Back testing: theory and practice.

Yeah, I like that avatar too)

As I`m interested in strategies mostly based on TA, I`m looking for somtheing that could make this process simple.
Tradingview seems to be interesting, but now they impose new restrictions on free version. For example, it is impossible now to use multiple charts just by opening several browser windows as it was before.

Re: Back testing: theory and practice.

By the way, is it popular among the traders to use the strategies based only on indicators?
It could be difficult to create a strategy like that, but at the same time it would be easy enough to "explain" such strategy to the machine and create a robot.

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