Re: Is the demo and real account 100% same thing?

@samusmus, good points brother. Everyone should know, that the results from demo testing or back testing never will be the same with the results on live. However, if the results on demo or back-test are very good, it will be good reason to try the strategy on live. Just should be kept on mind that the demo / back-test results are only indicative results and they can't promise the same on live :)

Re: Is the demo and real account 100% same thing?

There execution on demo could be a bit different. It is important to keep it in mind while testing your strategies. The broker could have own approach to demo execution, so it is better to find out about it before testing.
By the way, there is an other way of testing possible - backtesting using special software. Sometimes it is better, as it is faster than maniual testing and gives you possibility to check your strategy using your broker`s trading conditions. But it just tests your system, without the influence of pscycological issues.

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