Chaos theory made simple - for trading

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In forexfactory (and if you care to check) you will find interesting comments about the statues of the "the girl versus the bull on wall street" starting to make waves. One such comment reads "Take note retail traders, this your statue!" - I say how apt. Apt because that remark makes a lot of sense - consider for example that over the last decade most brokers and others offering market access to retail types have declared exponentially increasing profits, while the retail lot have sustained the same characteristic failure rate. Is is it too clever then to note that this balance might go to explain how such growth is sustained? Since multiplied by the grab advertising of the latter, retail participation size has grown by about what it has taken to sustain the huge explosion in broker profitability. But what do retail traders really have to "stand up" to that crowd in real life (certainly retail traders need more than just the pure courage of the girl)? I say you need to change from the way you were taught by brokers to trade when you came in and learn to trade by chaos (and I am saying this with all seriousness). Then you will see the turn in trend.

BTW: Doing so is not that complicated or difficult and the results I expect will astound. Think about it guys. 

Re: Chaos theory made simple - for trading

I have some thoughts...maybe...
at least,
market is dynamic, it is a live, lol (volatility indicator?)
market has boundaries (bollinger bands?)
zigzag is price without noise
buying and selling moves price (money flow with 3 points?)


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