Wulong wrote:Hmm, I have no time to watch the old mans video. He might be very smart, but the woman was also smart in a very short time notice.
Maybe later, first I will watch the ladies video 17 times.
No problem enjoy both. Priority to whom? Its your right.

Trading in Higher TF is real Holy grail.

alpha24 wrote:
No problem enjoy both. Priority to whom? Its your right.

Right ! Will see right away if the old man is right, have the right time now.

Here is what old man says

If we are traders, we don't think of ourselves as masters.
Thus we never do as well as we are able to. These patterns are compounded
by the uncertainty and unstable nature of the marketplace,
which tends to foster anxiety and the development of automatic behavior.
Such patterns also may lead traders to risk more to stay in a losing
trade than to put more money in a winning trade. In extreme instances,
gambling and superstitious behavior may be manifested. The master
trader trades from a perspective of rationality, knowledge, and skill—
not from an emotional or defensive perspective, not in order to feel
"complete" or "excited." To succeed at trading you have to be willing
to do things contrary to human nature. You need to hold on to or get
bigger in winning trades and get out of losing trades faster.
Trading in Higher TF is real Holy grail.

Stochastic Momentum Index Indicator

How To Perform A Multi Time Frame Analysis - Live Example

Dear Mladen & MrTools,

Watching the first uploaded video from Mladen, i was thinking the possibility to realize an indicator that could represent the approach of "Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club". Interesting points to be realized can be : 1. Measuring the "spread (extremes)" of all those multiple ma's, 2. The "inclination" and 3. The "Direction" ...
Probably if the "visual part of multiple ma's" could be "measured with the indicator" we could have a more precise reaction ....
Thank you anyway for all ...

Best Regards

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