Re: Support Resistance strategy & Ideas

p1ps_surfer wrote:
Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:51 pm
i think SnD zone much better interpreted and spotted but when it coming to SSR. SSR much preferable by PA. Its like SSR>SnD>Fibo cmiiw.
Nice but btter try to show in a snap will helps all of traders!!

Re: Support Resistance strategy & Ideas

sal wrote:
Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:44 pm
Nice but btter try to show in a snap will helps all of traders!!
I'm kind of dishearten giving snapshot, some1 will ask for indicator.
they want to make big money but too lazy to analyze the chart.
anyway this all key level aside from SnD which is a zone ofcompression/retracement.
However take a note aside whatever type of level u choose, take a note how the PA entering the area.
its simple actually if u understand basic momentum rule and basic cd pattern.
SSR btw really rare, significat SR. its when HLOC of buyer and seller meet at a certain lvl. and this is often act also of fakeout lvl.
SSR basiclly hidden movement for SL hunter, its common founded in SnD area.
and dont trust those indicator auto marker, because that what PA want u to think.

Re: Support Resistance strategy & Ideas

Fractal channel & fractal HL indicator is repaint but i find a positve way to take binary trade with this indicator ...
I requested anyone has FRACTAL HL indicator with historical breakout hoirzontal level lines please share..

manual observed win rate is higher...

Re: Support Resistance strategy & Ideas

k_khan_bt wrote:
Thu Nov 04, 2021 10:58 pm
Good Day All,

Brother @Sal
I am attaching my time tested classic indicator i have done some modifications in it & its very appropriate for this strategy
if someone takes pain to draw manual S/R as i have done in capture 3 "red lines" then it would be found that this indi is almost near to perfect in trend analysis over 1m & 5m timeframe hope to help every S/R trader.
The rules re to draw S/R lines Wick to Wick & wait for arrow upon arrow take trade for 3 to 4 bars expiry in M1 2 bars in M5 .
Test It!


Thanks so much im going to put this on a demo account and see how it fits in with my strategy. I am always looking for ways to define structure

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